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Feature update

Post-event survey ☑️

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Shared by Tim • September 27, 2023

Collect event attendees feedback, personalize and improve event experience with post-event survey ✅

Post-event survey is a significant update to our event management feature, allowing event managers to gather attendees' opinions and insights within Café, to foster better communication between event managers and attendees 👋

Feedback survey now enables you to:

  • Create, personalize and save survey templates
  • Fill out post-event survey within Café and export submissions
  • Send survey invitations in Café, via email or Slack
  • Choose to collect anonymous or nominative feedback

Feedback is a gift 🧡

By bridging the gap between event managers and attendees, we aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that every event is a resounding success!

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to our team 🧡

To get started, open Café and head to Events 🤗

New feature

Communities 👥

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Shared by Tim • September 18, 2023

Find groups where you belong and create new interest-based connections, with Communities 👋

Communities is a dedicated space within Café where you can create, customize, and manage your own group (ERG's), making it easier than ever to increase employee engagement and collaboration 🔥

In today's work environment, fostering a culture of collaboration and engagement is more important than ever, Communities aims to:

🤝 Enhance Employee Engagement: Create a sense of community and belonging among employees
🎉 Boost In-Person Interaction: Encourage in-person interactions and events

🥤 Increase serendipity: Easily meet and create interest-based connections outside your team

Create or join a group 👥

  • Create and customize groups from the directory (name, description, banner…)
  • Search, join and invite people to groups
  • Filter users based on groups

Create or register for events 🎉

  • Create an event targeting a community
  • Register for group events

💡 Everyone can create and manage a community, regardless of your user type in Café.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to our team 🧡

To get started, open Café and head to your Directory and Groups 🤗

New feature

Mentorship 🧑‍🏫

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Shared by Tim • July 10, 2023

Create new connections, learn from the expertise of others, and grow your skills through mentorship 🥳

👤 Add topics to your profile

Head to your profile to fill and display fields you're seeking mentorship in, or where you can provide mentorship to others.

Fields can range from interests, skills, tools… The options are as diverse as your talents and interests! 🤩

👋 Find mentors and mentees

Browse company's interest graph to identify potential mentors or mentees to connect with.

💡 Mentorship is all about connection: reach out or create an event with mentors and mentees to start your journey towards mutual professional growth

To get started, open Café and head to your Profile and interest graph 🤗

Feature update

New analytics 📊

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Shared by Tim • May 03, 2023

Craft the best workplace strategy with Café's new analytics:

  • Policy Monitoring,
  • Workplace Usage
  • Social Connectivity
  • Adoption Rate

📊 Policy Monitoring

  • Status rate
  • Office ratio
  • Profile breakdown

ℹ️ all data can be displayed per day, per week, or per month or exported through a CSV file

🆕 You can now break down policy analytics by Teams

📈 Workplace Usage

  • Global office attendance
  • Attendance by office
  • Users per office
  • Average occupancy

🤝 Social Connectivity

  • Number of events
  • Event types breakdown
  • Total and unique attendees
  • Targeted audience
  • Most popular events
  • Events type

  • Number of events per office and per team
  • Number of events per audiences
  • Number of random coffees meetups

👥 Directory

  • New users
  • Profile completion rate
  • Popular tags
  • Slack/Calendar Integration rate

  • Office & Team profiles completion

To get started, just open Café from any device, and head to Analytics Page within Admin settings 📊

Product update

Public API ⚙️

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Shared by Tim • February 28, 2023

Our Public API is now available 🔌

Many users asked for it, so we made it possible: we are thrilled to announce that our public API is now available.

Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience; this update is just the beginning. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please reach out to us.

To get started, reach out to customer support 📩

New feature

Last Activities

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Shared by Tom • February 24, 2023

Easily access the last activities using this new tab in the Profile page! 👇

Super helpful to figure out the history of previous Events or Expresso meetups!

Feature update

Set Your Working hours 🔕

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Shared by Tim • February 21, 2023

Give context to your schedule

Working remotely or from an office, setting statuses isn't the most accurate way to let people know if you're available or not.

Set your Working Hours in Café

Directly from your Profile Contact Info, you can customize your morning/afternoon preferences 👇

Sync Slack Status

Make sure everyone knows whether you are available, or not!

To get started, just open Café from any device, and head to Preferences within Profile settings ⚙️

Feature update

Celebrate Birthdays 🎂 🥳

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Shared by Tom • February 17, 2023

Make sure you don't miss out on your teammates' birthdays!

The information is directly accessible in Slack on D-Day

Create an event directly from the user profile to celebrate together!

To get started, just open Café from any device, and head to the Social Hub 🎈

New feature

Office page 🏢

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Shared by Tim • February 13, 2023

Get to know your places 📍

Spaces & Floor plan

Browse spaces, zones, and neighborhoods, and make sure to join the right space

Office events

What's up in the office? Register for the next event or create a new one 🎉

Location and access

Make information accessible when it comes to opening hours, wifi access, and office manager profiles.

Popular places

Not sure where to meet? Get recommendations from your coworkers

To get started, just open Café from any device, and head to the Directory 🔗

Feature update

Team page 🤝

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Shared by Tim • February 08, 2023

Connect with your team, for real.

A dedicated space for your team to connect, plan and organize: we're introducing the team pages!

Find the best day to meet ☕️
Get connected with someone new every week when you're going to the office.

Create interest-based connection 🏀
Get to know your team and connect through interest - not just work!

Team profiles & rituals 📈
Get detailed analytics and see how your team is reacting to hybrid

To get started, just open Café from any device, and head to the Directory 👥