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Log as: Enhanced Administrative Capabilities for Platform Admins

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Shared by Tim • January 03, 2024

We are excited to announce a new update in Café, designed to streamline organizational efficiency and enhance flexibility in employee scheduling: Log As (or Proxy Login)

Using the Log As feature, authorized users can now make changes on the behalf of other users, such as:

  • Set, edit and bulk edit status
  • Book, modify, or cancel office space reservations
  • RSVP for a remote or in-person event
  • Join groups, ERG's and regional hubs
  • Edit profiles information such as bio, contact information, teams, job title, working hours, or tags

💡 This feature was primarily designed for Executive Assistants to make updates on behalf of the Executives, to improve organizational transparency and planning:

  • This enhancement ensures that Executives' and Users’ schedules are up-to-date and visible to all employees.
  • It enables assistants to effortlessly reserve office spaces for their executives, ensuring a smooth office-going experience.
  • This also allows authorized users to RSVP to events on behalf of Executives, so that employees know when they can expect to see and connect with their leaders.

📥 To enable the Log As feature for your organization, reach out to Café via our in-app chat. Make sure to include a list of who needs access to the new feature, and which users they need to be able to log in as.